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  1. Wisdom In Tech Co Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  2. IT Training Centre - Local and International qualification ... [Details]
  3. Hidden - Plaines Wilhems

  4. Recruitment and consulting firm ... [Details]
  5. Expand Technology Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  6. Expand Technology has been a regional forerunner in deploying smartcard payment systems since 1999. Incorporated in Mauritius, our company has a Pan-African footprint with offices in Kenya, Madagascar ... [Details]
  7. Linkbynet - Plaines Wilhems

  8. Créée en 2000 par Patrick et Stéphane Aisenberg, LINKBYNET a pour vocation de satisfaire les besoins et attentes de ses Clients par des solutions d'hébergement et des services sur mesure, évoluti ... [Details]
  9. Hampton School - Plaines Wilhems

  10. Private English Medium Day Care, Pre-Primary and Primary School ... [Details]
  11. Mobalpa - Plaines Wilhems

  12. Mobalpa is the French specialist on Kitchen making . ... [Details]
  13. MYTHOS CO LTD - Plaines Wilhems

  14. It is a catering services provider ... [Details]
  15. SpecMart Group - Plaines Wilhems

  17. Spacial (Mauritius) Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  18. Spacial are the industry leading providers of Internet Radio broadcasting software and services. Today, our products and services are used in over 160 countries. Our future looks bright as we conti ... [Details]
  19. Sound Values Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  20. Training Institution ... [Details]
  21. Fairfax - Plaines Wilhems

  22. Offshore company with GBL1 licence ... [Details]
  23. CREATIVE HR Solutions - Plaines Wilhems

  24. Partnering for HR Service Excellence via tailor-made HR solutions in: - structuring / restructuring HR Function - recruitment & job fairs - defining and deploying HR strategy & policies - alignin ... [Details]
  25. Editec - Plaines Wilhems

  26. Lottery and sports betting operator ... [Details]
  27. Extell Investments Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  28. Well established offshore company ... [Details]
  29. thornplex Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  30. Fire alarm system installation ... [Details]
  31. Market investors ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  32. Washing of vehicles including vacuum cleaning, valeting and other services ... [Details]
  33. Linkbynet Indian Ocean - Plaines Wilhems

  34. In search of new Web Developers... Companie spécialisé dans l'infogérance et l'hébergement de serveur web. A Maurice depuis 4 ans déjà, avec plus de 600 client (b2b) qui la soutiennent. ... [Details]
  35. Soft Skills Consultants (Mauritius) Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  36. Soft Skills Consultants (Mauritius) Ltd was incorporated in March 2010 with the primary objective of providing soft skills training to organisations and individuals in Mauritius. The company is accred ... [Details]
  37. T&G Beauty Clinic Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  38. Beauty parlour and Spa ... [Details]
  39. mubelo electrical - Plaines Wilhems

  40. Sale of electrical and electronic products ... [Details]
  41. Gibson & Hills Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  42. Corporate Services ... [Details]
  43. Greenmax Ltd. - Plaines Wilhems

  44. Digital Printing Services: Wide Format printing and Digital Press ... [Details]
  45. e-Call ProPOWER.mu Ltd (e-Call Shop...) - Plaines Wilhems

  46. Our objective is to service our customers to their expectations in response to their needs and to lead in this market segment.. Thus we look forward to a successful working relationship in the fut ... [Details]
  47. CHB Technologies Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  48. CHB Technologies Ltd, filiale du Groupe CHB SA basée en Suisse, est une société de développement informatique installée depuis plus de dix ans à Maurice. Nous sommes spécialisés dans la créat ... [Details]
  49. TNS Analysis - Plaines Wilhems

  50. TNS Analysis delivers precise plans to help our clients grow. TNS is part of Kantar, one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups. With a presence in over 80 countries, TN ... [Details]
  51. Posterita Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  52. Software development ... [Details]
  53. CHB Technologies - Plaines Wilhems

  54. CHB Technologies Ltd is a Swiss-based software development company since Septembre 2003 ... [Details]
  55. Telectronix - Plaines Wilhems

  56. Telectronix leader technologique au service de l'innovation et de la transformation des entreprises est une filiale d'une multinationale américaine présente dans les domaines du matériel informatiq ... [Details]
  57. Imperial Asset Management Limited - Plaines Wilhems

  58. Imperial combines extensive experience in global asset management with intensive research into the current specific dynamics and demographics of the U.S. property market. ... [Details]
  59. Sunny Computers - Plaines Wilhems

  60. Looking for someone who can work on a contract base. ... [Details]

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