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  1. Cafe Lux Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  2. Coffee shop in Trianon Shopping Park. Open 7 days a week ... [Details]
  3. Prime Products Ltd - Black River

  4. Production & Sales of Processed Meat ... [Details]
  5. Maa kamakhya HR Consultants Private Limited - Port Louis

  6. We the Maa Kamakhya HR Consultants Private Limited is a leading Payroll Management company which caters to the human resource requirements in unskilled ,semi skilled and high skilled labour managemen ... [Details]
  7. Tamak Group - Port Louis

  8. TAMAK Group involves Citadel, BATA, Reserve Naturelle, Funky Fish, Posterita, Star Cafe and Tamak Textile ... [Details]
  9. Macumba Ltd - Riviere du Rempart

  10. Specialises in decorative items & furniture ... [Details]
  11. Jalsa Bamboo - Riviere du Rempart

  12. Welcome to Jalsa Bamboo young dynamic made in Mauritius Eco Brand. ... [Details]
  13. Tourisimau - Black River

  14. Salesgirl for shop ... [Details]
  15. Dream Street Ltd - Black River

  16. The Wellness and Lifestyle Company ... [Details]
  17. Ipower international - Port Louis

  18. Implantée depuis 26 ans dans l'Océan indien nous sommes une entreprise spécialisée dans la protection électrique. Nous concevons et fabriquons notre propre marque d'onduleurs. ... [Details]
  19. Brick Hardware Ltd - Port Louis

  20. We're a small family business ... [Details]
  21. Archies - Riviere du Rempart

  22. Archies (Mauritius) is a franchise of Archies Ltd, a leader in retail gift products in India. Archies offers and supplies greeting cards, gift items, including corporate gifts for everyone, for all o ... [Details]
  23. TFP furniture - Plaines Wilhems

  24. TFP has its root back to 1951 where the late Mr. Ismael Maharaullee established his furniture business in Port-Louis. Within years, Mr. Ismael opened two additional showrooms, in Port Louis and Rose H ... [Details]
  25. Ibsf Mauritius - Plaines Wilhems

  26. Ibsf Mauritius is a consultancy firm based in Mauritius and Madagascar. ... [Details]
  27. Kindwood Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  28. We specialize on outdoor products: wood composite planks, synthetic rattan sofa sets, wall stones, fencing, etc. We are located at Gros Cailloux, Beau Bassin and Grand Bay. www.kindwood.biz 4548715 ... [Details]
  29. Lovely Home Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  30. Lovely Home Ltd - Active in Home Furniture, Decor, Sanitary and Appliances. ... [Details]
  31. Robstep IO Ltd - Port Louis

  32. The Traveller Exclusive shop ... [Details]
  33. Matsushita Greatwall International Pte Ltd - Port Louis

  34. Matsushita Greatwall International Pte Ltd (MGIn) is a subsidiary of a well-established and leading Mattress Manufacturer in Singapore, Matsushita Greatwall Corporation Pte Ltd (MGC). MGIn be engag ... [Details]
  35. Sodibo Ltd - Moka

  36. Sodibo Ltd is an offshore company dealing in distribution of beverages such as beer, water, juice, champagne and wine worldwide. ... [Details]
  37. MACUMBA LTD - Riviere du Rempart

  38. Dealer in ready made goods ... [Details]
  39. Aetas Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  40. Our company will be launching a new calendar on the market shortly and we will be specializing in the design and conception of calendars/ diaries. ... [Details]
  41. Pry Ltd - Plaines Wilhems

  42. Building Contractor ... [Details]
  43. International Service Check - Grand Port

  44. Market Studies ... [Details]

  46. Supplier of Refrigeration , airconditionning and coldroom equipment and spare parts ... [Details]
  47. Napoleon - Abroad

  48. Stationery, PASTRY, BEVERAGE... ... [Details]
  49. Teneridge, Ltd - Port Louis

  50. Tenerigde has the agency for a leadng LED bulb brand SBXLED We focus on energy eficiency LED lighting Solar PV solutions ... [Details]
  51. Teneridge Ltd - Port Louis

  52. Tenerigde has the agency for a leadng LED bulb brand SBXLED We focus on energy eficiency LED lighting Solar PV solutions ... [Details]
  53. Kindwood Ltd - Black River

  54. We have an office at Roches Brunes and a showroom at Gros Cailloux. We sell 'looks and feels like natural wood, zero maintenance' wpc products, legend stones, PE outdoor furniture, fencing and blinds. ... [Details]
  55. Fidelis - Plaines Wilhems

  56. Centre d'appels Francophone ... [Details]
  57. Didus Art Gallery - Port Louis

  58. Didus Art Gallery is a dealer in artworks and frame and has been operating since 10 years now. Didus is found in various location around the island: Caudan Waterfront Port-Louis, GBS Plaza Grand Bay, ... [Details]
  59. Bensizwe Holding Co Ltd - Port Louis

  60. Bensizwe Holding Co Ltd is an investment holding company with subsidiaries in different line of businesses. ... [Details]

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